Jimmy Fallon 2016 08 23 Dolly Parton

JIMMY FALLON 2016.08.31 David Spade, Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.08 Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.09 James Spader, Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.12 Renee Zellweger Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.14 Kevin James, Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.15 Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon 2016.09.16 Miley Cyrus

Jimmy Fallon 2016 08 23 Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton/Donald Glover/U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team

Dolly Parton (album "Pure and Simple") is interviewed and performs; Donald Glover (Atlanta (2016)). Also: The gold medal-winning U.S. women's gymnastics team plays live Hungry Hungry Hippos.


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